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What is a Peace Feast?

A Peace Feast brings people from different cultures and faiths together around a meal, to build understanding & friendship.

There are three key ingredients:


Everybody loves eating. A feast is a celebration and a window into another culture.

It's the timeless art of bringing people together to share a meal and demonstrate hospitality.


Stories are at the heart of a Peace Feast. Through speeches, music and conversations around the table, people listen & start to see the world through someone else's eyes.


Peace Feasts create a space where friendships can grow between people from different backgrounds and experiences of life. The food and stories help to get the conversations flowing.

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Dan Green,

Peace Feast UK Coordinator

"We want to contribute towards a society that is kinder, more welcoming and more inclusive - where people are better neighbours to one another and where people who are new to that society are made to feel more welcome."

Bushra Alshishabi.jpg

Bushra Alshihabi,
Peace Feast volunteer

"The first time I came to a peace feast I didn’t know anyone… I started talking and I met new people, I learned a lot from them and the next time I started volunteering. I felt I’m home, even though it’s not my country, I feel really good."


Kathleen Johnson,

Peace Feast participant

I enjoyed the sense of community, of sharing time together and bringing people together with food and beautiful music. I also enjoyed learning about different cultures and hearing about experiences different to my own. It was such a positive evening!

What's the vision behind Peace Feast?

Run a Peace Feast

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to plan and run a Peace Feast, with free resources to download and different models to try out in your community.

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