Run a Peace Feast

There are several ways to run a Peace Feast and different models you can adapt to your own community and setting.

Community Celebration
Global Response
Faith and Festivals
Drinks in the Garden
Peace Feast Mini
  • Running a Peace Feast takes a bit of planning, so we recommend partnering with a local organisation such as a community centre, a school or a faith group, to help with things like selling tickets and promoting the event. Ideally, you could host your Peace Feast with someone from a different culture or faith in your community to really capture and model the vision.

  • Peace Feasts are run in line with the values of Bridges for Communities. Please click here to check that you are in agreement with them before organising an event.

  • We are here to help. If you’re thinking about running an event and you have some questions, then feel free to contact us and we’d love to support you.

  • In general, events need to cover their own costs, and this is normally achieved by selling tickets. You may also consider a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme so you can invite people on low incomes. Please see the Running Guide and resources below for practical tips on this and other topics.

  • Whichever model you choose, and however you organise your Peace Feast, think about how you include the three key elements - food, stories & friendship.


You can download these resources for free, to help you run your first Peace Feast

Peace Feast Running Guide

Guide for


Food for Thought



Guide for Speakers



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