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  • Peace Feast, Bristol

"Love thy neighbour" Peace Feast

People from different communities across Bristol came together for an enlightening evening, to share a delicious Lebanese meal and to explore what 'Love Thy Neighbour' means in this generation.

Afendi Restaurant on Cheltenham Rd put on a wonderful spread of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, and in between courses, guest speakers from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities shared their thoughts on the evening's theme. Rabbi Monique Mayer from the Progressive Synagogue, Pastor Owen Lynch from Severn Vineyard Church and Rizwan Ahmed from Bristol Muslim Cultural Society all gave inspiring and thought-provoking talks which led to some inspiring discussions around the tables.

Many of those who came were meeting for the first time, and in only a couple of hours friendships were forged and conversations started which will continue long into the future, building greater love and understanding between communities all over the city.

Here are a few comments left by those who attended, and a few more images from a wonderful night!

"So refreshing to meet strangers and talk about important matters... and also to have a laugh!"

"A powerful reminder that there is much shared ground between us."

"Absolutely fantastic - warm, friendly and a real privilege to meet people from other faiths."

"It was particularly inspiring to learn that the Hebrew words 'Love thy neighbour' suggest that love is an action."

"Really lovely to be able to ask questions without fear of offending anyone."

"It has been wonderful meeting Jews and Muslims tonight and a great theme that helped emphasise our similarities and encouraged discussion."

Jan 2017

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