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Community Celebration

The ‘Community Celebration’ model is all about bringing people together from different cultures.


A community often hosts people from many different faiths, backgrounds and nations, all living side-by-side and getting the opportunity to really hear each other's stories takes time and commitment.


A Peace Feast provides that treasured opportunity for people to find out about their neighbours like never before.


Questions to Consider

  1. Where to hold it? A central, easily accessible and well-known location is best.

  2. Who to invite? Think of ways of intentionally drawing people together from different backgrounds in the community. In many subcultures, the only invite people will accept to is a personal one.

  3. How will everyone feel welcome? Remember to consider the blend of unique needs in the community. Do you need kosher or halal or vegan food?

  4. What will get people chatting and becoming friends? It's important to encourage people to mix and to facilitate new friendships. It's good to encourage people to introduce themselves and sit with new people. The 'Food for Thought' table questions can help get conversations flowing.

  5. Who will share their story? Having different people from contrasting subcultures sharing their story can really help to model and heart and soul of the Community Celebration Peace Feast.


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