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  • Peace Feast, Bristol

Virtual Peace Feast: The New Normal

Last Friday we attempted something entirely new... a virtual Peace Feast. With the hardship and isolation many are facing in the Covid-19 pandemic, it felt more important than ever to come in the opposite spirit and bring people together from different cultures and faiths, to share a meal and build new friendships. To host a shared peace feast for 70 people, all in the safety of our own homes, required some serious creativity and commitment from an army of kind volunteers. Special thanks to Esther and team at Baraka Community Café team who served up a delicious 3-course vegetarian feast, and to Hart’s bakery for dessert. Massive thanks also to the volunteer cyclists who delivered each meal to families isolating all over the city. Huge respect to our boogie-woogie musician Danny Vincent and speakers, Mohammad El-Sharif from Muslims4Bristol and Sheila Brill from the Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Synagogue for sharing their thoughts on the 'new normal' and instilling hope in the future. Here’s what some guests had to say...

"I loved hearing from the different speakers, how different faith communities tackle this time… What a great way to break isolation and focus on hope for the future!"

"Grub was fantastic. Also loved the community feel despite it being online."

"It was a lovely meal. Everything ran amazingly smoothly considering it was being done online for the first time - very slick."

"It was lovely to meet new generous thinking people."

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