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Global Response

The ‘Global Response’ model is a compassionate comeback to a crisis in the news. When a nation is struck by conflict or a natural disaster, a Peace Feast can be a way of acting in the opposite spirit.


The food and stories come from the affected community, to celebrate and affirm that culture, and guests can learn the best way to support and honour their community in the process.

You may even want to donate profits from ticket sales to an organisation working on the front line in the affected nation. 

Peace Feast for Mogadishu.jpg

Questions to Consider

  1. How can you celebrate and affirm the affected culture?

  2. Can you find a caterer from that culture to prepare the feast?

  3. Will anyone from the affected community share the best way for guests to help?

  4. Which organisation will you give the profits to from ticket sales?

  5. How will you strike a balance between reflecting on the disaster and allowing the community time to grieve, while also coming in the opposite spirit to celebrate everything that's good about that culture and let them know that you love and respect them?


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