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Faith and Festivals

The ‘Faith and Festivals’ model is a way of bringing different faiths together to honour and learn about each other.


This works well as a two or even three-part Peace Feast, with the first one hosted by one faith community and follow up events hosted by a different faith community.

Building the Peace Feast into established festivals like Easter, Eid or Rosh Hashana makes it easier to celebrate with that community and it provides a perfect window into their faith.


Questions to Consider

  1. If you are the host community, how are you going to explain and invite people into your festival in a way that makes sense to them and displays your faith at its best?

  2. If you are a visiting community, how can you learn from and respect the other faith community? Think about the sort of questions you might ask which honour their beliefs.

  3. 'The Feast' in Birmingham is an inter-faith youth event who provide an excellent resource called, 'Guidelines for Dialogue' which can be downloaded here.


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